• What is the class size during this COVID-19 period?

Class sizes are kept small at a maximum of 5 students per session, excluding the teacher, during this period. 

  • My child has never taken art classes before. Which of your classes are suitable for complete beginners?

Our 'Fun'damental course is for beginners and your child will be able to learn essential skills of art. It is designed as an introduction to basic craft of drawing, painting and crafting. Our instructors will give personalised guidance, depending on the needs of each student during class.

  • My child is 12 years old but has never taken any art classes before. Should he/she enrol in the 'Fun'damental or 'Evolve'lution class?

If your child has never taken art classes before, we will definitely recommend that he/she enrols in the 'Fun'damental class. Although in our class descriptions, we shared that the 'Evolve'lution class is suitable for ages 9 to 12 years old. 

  • I am not sure if my child will enjoy the art classes so I am reluctant to sign up for the packages. Can he/she come for one class first?
Yes, you may enrol your child in our 60-min trial class which will give him/her an experience before you decide to commit to a class package.
  • I have paid for the packages but my child is no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund?

Once the class packages have been purchased, we will not be able to do any refunds. You may request for an extension of validity period for the classes in the situation where you child is unable to attend for an extended 2 to 3 months period. The extension will be granted at the studio's discretion.

  • Are materials included in the cost of the course?
Yes, all class materials are included in the cost of the course. However, we have a one-time registration fee of SGD50 in addition to the cost of the class packages, which is compulsory for first time students at our studio. 
Those who have purchased one Art Play and Craft Play session will not be required to pay the one-time registration fee. The registration fee only applies for structured class packages.
  • What happens after my child completes the 'Fun'damental course?
Once a student has completed the 'Fun'damental course, he/she will be able to successfully progress to the 'Evolve'lution course. The 'Evolve' lessons will involve higher level thinking and encourage the student to level up from learning basic art skills to intermediate skills.
  • What is included in the registration fee?

Students will receive a A3 tote bag, t-shirt, apron, A4 sketchbook and stationery. They will be required to bring these items to their class sessions.

  • Are there any assessment for my child for the structured class? I would like to know his/her progress.

Yes, students will be given personalised guidance by instructors for each class which they attend. At the end of the module, instructors will share an assessment update with parents regarding his/her child's art development progress.

Parents may also request a digital copy of the report to be emailed to them.  

  • Can we share class packages?
Yes, you can share Art Play/Craft Play packages with family and friends. However, packages for structured classes such as 'Fun'damental or 'Evolve'lution are strictly only for the student which has enrolled. 
  • How early do I need to arrive for my class?
All students will have to arrive at least 5 minutes earlier before their class starts. This will allow us to enforce our COVID-19 measures such as temperature taking, and studio rules. Our instructors will guide you to your allocated seat and table space. This applies to all our Art Jam, Craft Jam and structured classes such as 'Fun'damental and 'Evolve'lution.
  • How can I buy the class packages and how can I make a booking for a class?
You can make a booking for your class directly at our studio, via WhatsApp, mobile or email.  Our class packages can be bought and paid directly when you arrive at our studio for your first session. As of now, all students or parents will be required to register at the studio when signing up for class packages for themselves or their child.
  • I have made a booking for a class on a specific date but realised that I will not be able to attend. Can I cancel or reschedule? Will there be any penalties?
Yes, you may request for a cancellation or reschedule, up to 24 hours before the commencement of the class. Please WhatsApp or call to make a change to your booking. There will be no penalties if cancellation of rescheduling is done 24 hours before the class.
If you have made a booking but did not turn up for the class, the class credit will be forfeited and no reschedule will be accepted.
  • Is there any space for students to keep their belongings?

Students may leave their bags within our class studio area. We have CCTV cameras installed to monitor the activity within our art studio, however, students are advised not to bring any valuable items to class.

  • Do you do company events or custom workshops?
Yes, we are able to organise company Art Play/Craft Play sessions or custom workshops (in collaboration with other local artists) based on your interests. Should you wish to plan a custom event, please reach out to info@sageartelier.com

  Updated: 12 November 2020, Sage Artelier Pte. Ltd.