What is Art-Play?

Our 90-minute Art-Play sessions are suitable for people of all ages. With guidance from our instructors, young and mature participants are taught painting techniques and they are assisted as they explore different art mediums – all to help nurture their own inner artists.

Classes are held in small, intimate groups and students may choose to build their skills based on specific artworks – students can expect to complete a piece of artwork by the end of the session. For older participants, art-play may also be seen as a way to relax, away from the daily grind.  

What does an Art-Play class look like?

Our Art-Play class are held in small groups of 5 to ensure that you get personalised guidance. You will first select an artwork that you would like to paint. Our instructors will guide you to sketch the main subject and apply the necessary shading. You will then start working on the canvas.

Register for an Art-Play class: <Link>