Sage Artelier offers two different types of courses for learners who wish to increase their art proficiency and undertake their own personal creative development. 

Structured art lessons

Structured art lessons (for children aged 5 to 12) are available in two modules – Level 1, ‘Fun’damental and Level 2, ‘Evolve’lution. Both modules comprise of drawing, painting and crafting lessons that revolve around selected renowned artists. There are no pre-requisites for enrolment and students are allowed to allocate themselves to levels 1 or 2.

90-minute art-play sessions are suitable for people of all ages. With guidance from our artist teachers, young and mature participants are taught painting techniques and they are assisted as they explore different art mediums – all to help nurture their own inner artists. Classes are held in small, intimate groups and students may choose to build their skills based on specific artworks – students can expect to complete a piece of artwork by the end of the session. For older participants, art-play may also be seen as a way to relax, away from the daily grind.